Technology Leadership
Promote the development of medical and health industry ecology
"One Body With Two Wings" Technical Framework System
With medical knowledge self-learning as foundation, clinical reasoning and health interaction as two wings, the framework pursues to push forward continuous technology evolution, leading our two main product directions: clinical assistant and health assistant.
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Products and Solutions
Provide technical products for the universal medical scenarios based on the technical framework system of "One Body With Two Wings" of iFLYTEK HEALTH
Honors & Awards
Constantly Breaking Through Boundaries and Going Beyond
Information security service Qualification Certificate
ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System certification
ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality Management System Certification
Iflytek Medical SPCA Level 5 national recognition of the highest level certification
Iflytek Medical CMMI Level 5 DEV2.0 new version of the world's highest level of software certification
Cooperation Ecology
Forge Ahead With Partners to Promote a Healthy China
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AI for A Healthier China
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